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We adjust the scope of accounting to your company’s particular requirements – be it accounting on a cash basis or balancing of accounts, we consistently focus on organizing according to your needs.
Likewise, we provide you with accountancy information in the form of evaluations of any kind according to your requests. We prepare short-term success analyses, planning tools and instruments, target-performance comparisons and of course all forms of regular evaluations in accounting. This information gives you an insight into your company’s status and allows you to take (counter) measures in due time.

Our accounting services include:

  • Organization of accounting
  • Accounting of regular business cases and collection of date
  • Regular balancing of accounts
  • Administration of customers’ and suppliers’ accounting
  • Dunning
  • Business evaluations
  • Short-term profit and loss accounts
  • Financial statements / Reporting

If you wish to handle your accounting – partly or entirely – on your own we will gladly advise you regarding the choice of an appropriate accounting software. We also offer you training seminars for your accounting personnel and inform you on changes in tax regulations that need to be taken into account.

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